Turkey is among the most urbanized countries in the world. Having accelerated its pace since 1950s, Turkish urbanization rate has reached approximately 75 per cent: a rate comparable to that of Europe. Turkish model is unique because of not only its speed but also the scale and geographical diversity. Whilst urban population soared from 20% to 80% in only five decades, it continues to grow: the annual urbanization rate, which is 1.54 per cent, is twice times more than the European counterparts and high above the global average (0.9 %) (UN DESA, 2014). 

One of the major aspects of Turkey’s urbanization is characterized as a metropolitan effect, i.e; a course of metropolises emerging against small and medium-sized cities. While massive rural-urban migration towards large cities characterized the fuel of high urbanization previously, today’s fast-growing cities bring new challenges to administrators, planners, developers, and citizens for new understandings for both dense urban built-up and peri-urban vacant/half developed areas.  This trend becomes even more significant as one observes the imbalanced growth such as high decentralization of workplaces and labour force (together with the unexpected / changing dynamics of workplace and home), increasing number of gated communities and shopping malls, and large infrastructure projects vastly consuming the urban periphery.  The workshop will focus on understanding the peri-urban in the Turkey context.



Dr. Aliye Ahu Akgün (née Gülümser) works as full professor at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Department of Urban and Regional Planning. She received M.Sc. degree in Regional Planning and PhD degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Istanbul Technical University. She has several research and publications on Employment, Rural Innovation, Rural Development and Rural Entrepreneurship fields.  In recent years, she has focused her research in particular on rural innovation, serious games and smart solutions. She is currently running Environment and Urbanisation Research and Implementation Centre and the Head of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning in ITU.


10:00 AM – 15:50 PM UK TIME

12:00 PM – 17:50 PM TURKEY TIME

UK TimeTurkey TimeProgrammePresentations topics
10:00-10:15 AM12:00-12:15 PMWaiting Lobby Opens
10:15-10:30 AM12:15-12:30 PMPart 1 Introduction
10:30-11:20 AM12:30-13:20 PMKeynote by Prof Aliye Ahu Akgun, Istanbul Technical University, IstanbulOn the Road to Resilience: Istanbul’s Periphery Before, During and After Covid-19
11:20-11:30 AM13:20-13:30 PMPresentation 1 by Merve Kaya, Istanbul Technical University, IstanbulResilience of Izmir City from Integrated City Development Perspective
11:30-11:40 AM13:30-13:40 PM Presentation 2 by Berkan Özyer, Istanbul Planning Agency, Istanbul Istanbul: Food Dependency and Fragile City
11:40-11:50 AM13:40-13:50 PMPresentation 3 by Beste Sabır, Istanbul Technical University, IstanbulUrban Alchemy: Potentials of Shared Community Gardens on Cultivating Sustainable Habits and Democratic Citizenship for Urban Wellbeing
11:50 AM-12:00 PM13:50-14:00 PMQ & A
12:00-12:10 PM14:00-14:10 PMBREAK
12:10-12:20 PM14:10-14:20 PMPresentation 4 by Emre Kovankaya, Istanbul Planning Agency, IstanbulIn the eclipse of invisibility and land ravage: Peri-urban Istanbul
12:20-12:30 PM14:20-14:30 PMPresentation 5 by Özge Tekçe, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul“Metropolitan Life” at the Urban Periphery: Case Study of Tuzla, Istanbul
12:30-12:40 PM14:30-14:40 PMPresentation 6 by Elif Simge Fettahoğlu Özgen, Technical University of Munich, MunichBetween Scale and Territory: Urban Mega Projects of Istanbul
12:40-13:00 PM14:40-15:00 PMQ & A
13:00-14:00 PM15:00-16:00 PMLUNCH BREAK
14:00-14:10 PM16:00-16:10 PMPart 2 Introduction
14:10-14:40 PM16:10-16:40 PMBreakout Room Activity 1
14:40-14:50 PM16:40-16:50 PMJoint Discussion
14:50-15:20 PM16:50-17:20 PM Breakout Room Activity 2
15:20-15:50 PM17:20-17:50 PMJoint Discussion and Conclusion

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