Our project PIVOT is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering as a part of Frontiers Programme which aim to address sustainable development challenges by building a pipeline of researchers, practitioners and innovators who are working to tackle global development challenges. Our Project Team consists of strong network of interdisciplinary and international network of researchers from UK, India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa and Nigeria. The interdisciplinary research project brings together diverse disciplines including, architecture, urban planning, engineering, sociology, psychology, ecology, geography, cultural studies, economics and politics.

We aim to bring together researchers and experts from across the globe to engage, discuss, examine and co-develop solutions that deliver Sustainable development goals Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11); Reduced inequality (SDG10); Good Health and well-being (SDG3); Work and economic growth (SDG 8); Climate action (SDG13); Partnership for Goals(SDG 17).


PIVOT Partners